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Raw Edge Place Cards
Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions by category below. If you don't see your question or still have more questions please don't hesitate to reach out using the Contact Form.

On-Site Work

What is your current pricing for services? 

You can see our current basic pricing for 2023 here. Due to the custom nature of our items the pricing can vary. The best way to receive the most accurate pricing is by filling out the Contact Form with your details.


I have viewed your work and would love to book services with you, what is your booking process? 

To book please contact me using the Work with Us link and Contact Form. Fill out your details and submit. It generally takes 2-4 business days currently to receive a response. In the response email, I will confirm availability and I will either ask more questions for clarification or provide a quote based on the information provided. If you are ready to move forward from that point we book a consultation call to discuss details.

Do you require a deposit or contract?

All custom work requires both a deposit and a signed contract. Services less than $100 requires full payment upfront. Any other services require a 50% deposit before the work will begin. The remaining balance and any other shipping costs are required upon completion and must be paid before receiving your work.

What areas do you service?

With the exception of mirror rentals all other services are not confined to a specific location. Mirrors can be rented across the Carolinas.

What type of payment do you accept? 

At this time we accept most major credit cards via our invoicing system and Venmo payments to @swirlsandscript.


When should I book envelope addressing services?

Typically your invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before your wedding. You should book your addressing at least three to four weeks before this time to allow for shipping and addressing. The typical 100 envelope order can take up to 7-10 business days for addressing.


Do you provide envelopes or does the client? 

Envelope pricing is based on the client providing the envelopes. I can provide envelopes for an additional sourcing fee. 

What types of envelopes should I use for my invitations? 

 It is important to use quality envelopes when adding calligraphy. If you envelop paper is too thin it can lead to bleeding or poor quality calligraphy. Some great resources for envelopes are LCI Paper and Cards and Pockets.


If you have availability, how should I get my envelopes to you?

Envelopes can either be shipped to me or dropped off in Newberry, SC. Once completed the envelopes can be returned to you via USPS or pickup.


Do I need to provide additional envelopes?  

Due to the human error element involved with handwritten items, 20% extra supplies should be provided. Extras will be returned to the client after completion of the work

Circle Mirror All you Are

Are easels/stands provided with the rental?

Yes, rental pricing includes any necessary stands or easels. We have a variety of easel colors to match your rental.

Can I rent a mirror without Calligraphy?

At this time we are not offering rentals of our mirrors alone. All rentals include Calligraphy services as well.


Can you provide Calligraphy on a mirror that I own?  

Yes! We are happy to provide pricing for Calligraphy to be written a mirror that belongs to you. Please reach out for a quote.

Do you provide delivery or do I have to pick up the mirror myself?

We provide both delivery and pick up options. Pick up is in Newberry, SC and requires a higher security deposit. Delivery fees are based on venue location and can be found on our 2023 pricing sheet. 

Do you require a security deposit? 

Due to the fragile nature of our mirrors we do require a FULLY refundable security deposit for a rental. Upon inspection of the mirror after its return you will be refunded your deposit within 5 business days.

Engraved Burberry Fragrance as a Gift

What types of items can you engrave?

I am able to engrave on various surfaces. The most common surfaces are metal and glass. Perfume Bottle and Stainless Steel Cups are the most highly requested items. 

I would like to have an item engraved by you, how can I get my item to you?

Items for engraving can be shipped to me directly from the source or from your location. Items can also be dropped off to me in Newberry, SC. Once completed items can be picked up or shipped back to you via USPS.


Is the engraving done by machine?

All engraving is completed by hand using a hand held engraving tool. All lettering is completed in my original style.

I would like to have someone engrave items on site for my event, do you offer this service?

I do offer on-site calligraphy and engraving for events. My current rates start at $150/hr for Calligraphy and $200/hr for Engraving. Reach out using the contact form for more information.


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