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My Story

Hello there!  I'm Kelli, the Calligrapher behind Swirls and Script Calligraphy. I am so happy you stopped by to take this adventure with me! My dream is to make this business something that will provide beautiful letters in the moments of happiness and joy for you.   

Profile Picture

As a child I remember spending days out in my Great-Grandmother's little workshop. She was always painting, quilting, or finding something around the house to craft together. I used to get so excited  to visit so that I could go out to the workshop and explore. 


I loved to join in on the crafting and that love remained as I continued into adulthood. I never stopped crafting and eventually became a High School teacher, met the love of my life, and had 2 sweet boys. To save my sanity and decompress I took up calligraphy as a hobby.


As time went on I realized that calligraphy was becoming more of a passion and Swirls and Script Calligraphy was born. Calligraphy has allowed me the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people. I get to know their stories and be a part of their special moments and journeys.


So I decided to take a leap, resign from teaching and take my calligraphy business full time to expand my ability to create wonderful mementos for others.  I spend my days creating and managing my boys chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I would love the chance to work with you and bring your visions to life!  

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