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Reflecting Moments, Creating Memories

Why Choose Signage Rentals? 
Elevate Your Event with Convenience and Style

Planning an event involves countless decisions, and we understand that your time and energy are precious. That's why we offer mirror and signage rentals that provide you with a hassle-free solution to elevate your event's aesthetics.


Here's why renting is the better option:

Curated Collection

We've invested time and effort in selecting mirrors that not only serve as functional pieces but also as works of art that enhance your event's ambiance. Save time searching through Facebook or Antique Stores to find the perfect fit. Just browse our collection and choose! 


Crafting beautiful calligraphy on mirrors requires skill, practice, a keen artistic sensibility, and not to mention supplies. By choosing us, you're benefiting from years of experience and a commitment to excellence. All Calligraphy is handwritten in my unique style never using a Cricut or Vinyl.

Save Money

Sourcing and purchasing mirrors individually can quickly add up in terms of costs. Add to that the need for easels, writing supplies, and the value of your time spent creating the lettering yourself. Our mirror rental service offers a cost-effective alternative that doesn't compromise on quality or style.

Your vision is our priority. Explore our current inventory, envision the possibilities, let's discuss how our mirror rentals can transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

We handle every step

From finding the perfect mirrors, providing the easels, creating beautiful signage, and even delivery, set up, and pickup we can handle it all. This allows you to relax and enjoy the journey leading up to your special day. You'll save yourself so much time and energy using a professional!

Included in your Investment:

  • Choice of Mirrors from our Curated Collection Saving you time from Searching/Buying.

  • All Needed Easels

  • Calligraphy Style Lettering from a Professional

  • Complimentary Delivery, Setup, and Breakdown within a 50 mile radius of Newberry, SC.

Cassandra Table Mirror Wedding Dessert Sign

Have your own mirror or your venue does? We love to work with brides to come on-site day of wedding to letter on your preowned items!

Interested in signage other than mirrors we also have some prebuilt display options for rental as well. Ask us about them!

What does it look like to work with us:

1. Fill out the Rental Contact Form with specifics about the types of rental you are requesting. If you are unsure of details we can still proceed to secure your date!

2. Once you've secured our services with your deposit and signed contract, we work together to decided on mirrors and wording. You will receive an easy to use personal document for filling out details and providing inspiration.

3. One month out we will discuss and finalize details. Final payment is due at this time. From that point on we will coordinate delivery with you, or your planner/coordinator. 

4. On your big day we will show up signage in hand to set up and handle any last minute adjustments. We will return to pickup at the end of the night leaving you with less details to worry about!


Don't just take it from us, read what our clients have to say.

"Kelli is AMAZING to work with! Her calligraphy is beautiful, her paintings, and her overall creativity is magical! I am so thankful I found her. If I could go back I would have had her do more. She is kind and patient! You will not regret  working with Kelli to help make any event personal and beautiful!"

Emily H. 

Cassandra Table Mirror Wedding Dessert Sign


When should I book mirror rental services services?

As soon as you are interested! Even if you are unsure how many mirrors or what you would like them to say, you want to go ahead and get your date reserved on our schedule. All we require is a $100 deposit to reserve your date!


What type of signs do people typically rent? 

Most clients typically rent at minimum a welcome sign. Then from there it is based on each individual client. Having assigned seating? I'd suggest a seating chart. Wanting to elevate the bar area? Use a sign for the Bar Menu. We work during our consultation to set up everything based on your needs.

What if I have my own mirror?  

 While we love our collection of mirror rentals, we are happy to letter on your pre-loved mirrors as well! 


Can I rent a mirror without the calligraphy?

Since our mirrors are delicate and easily breakable we don't rent mirrors out without our other services.

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